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Microwave cookware for every meal, any day

Dinner party-ready glass dishware for cooking delicious meals — in the microwave.

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Anyday exists to free your time for the moments that matter.

Our Story

Like many great kitchen inventions, Anyday started as an accident. To save time, we tried microwaving chicken before finishing it in the oven. When it came out perfectly juicy, no oven needed, we realized we’d stumbled upon the unexpected magic of the microwave.

Free Your Time

We create products that unleash this microwave magic: turning raw ingredients into delicious and nutritious home-cooked meals — in record time. Anyday makes it easier to enjoy the flavors and recipes you love. No tradeoffs, any meal and any day of the week.

The Anyday Dish is used in every meal I make. It's now indispensable to my cooking.

Chef David Changcreator of Ugly Delicious and Momofuku restaurants

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