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Prestige makes life easier in the kitchen with innovative cookware and bakeware that meet everyday needs and save time for busy home cooks.

Our Heritage

Since 1938, Prestige has helped home cooks whip up family favorites and exciting new recipes. We’ve spent decades learning from our customers and designing innovative, practical products that make home cooking easier and more enjoyable.

Brand Promise

Prestige empowers busy home cooks who want a stress-free dinnertime with cookware, bakeware, and small appliances that get the job done and clean up fast.

Innovate with Insights

For over 80 years, home cooks have shown us what they need to make meals for their families. From developing space-saving cookware like Neat Nests, to our Thermo Smart pans that indicate that they’re hot enough to start cooking, Prestige has made it a priority to innovate to meet trends and solve challenges. We’ve even created the Eco line, which uses a special plant-based non-stick and is made from recycled materials. Eco products are also completely recyclable, right down to the packaging.

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